Service and aftersales


Any technical installation needs to be maintained and serviced, in order to perform correctly. In a meat processing plant a technical stop in the production lines can be costly.

Service, knowledge and good education of the technical personnel are the solutions to keep a high effectivity. This is what we as supplier can offer. From the moment machinery is handed over the maintenance and service of the product is the customers responsibility, however we at Attec Danmark A/S offer lasting service contracts ensuring that our customers machinery runs as expected.

A continuous relationship and partnership with the customer is essential for Attec Danmark A/S.

Service contract

Through a service contract the service and ongoing maintenance can be performed by Attec technicians, in close cooperation with the customers personnel. This can also relieve the local technical staff, giving them time to deal with other important tasks.

A service contract with preventive maintenance will ensure the efficiency of the production lines, and therefore be more cost effective.

After Sales Service

  • Our service is possible all over the world
  • Fulfilling education for our customers and their technical staff
  • 24 hour technical help
  • Cost efficient service

Attec Danmark A/S ensures that:

  • Parts which have been repaired or replaced is identical and with the same technical specification as the original parts.
  • Our products are serviced minimum 10 years after the production have stopped. As an alternative other replacement parts can be supplied.
  • Service and repair of Attec products shall be performed with tools, equipment and procedures specified in the documentation.
  • Service is performed by motivated and well trained technicians and engineers.


Guarantee is offered on all equipment with at least 1 year warranty (1 shift). On the specific automatic machines, warranty is only offered when the customer at the same time accepts a service contract for the warranty period. Faulty parts must be forwarded to Attec Danmark A/S for inspection and repair.