Design of equipment

Hygienic design

All machinery and equipment supplied by Attec Danmark A/S are designed and developed to fulfill the business requirement to easy cleaning, short cleaning time, and fast drying time.

Each design and piece of equipment is evaluated in relationship to HACCP procedures, EHEDG and USDA recommendations.

Ergonomic design

The working environment of the operator is important for both the supplier and the meat producer. Each country and each meat producer have their own requirement and standards. Attec Danmark A/S has introduced many new features to improve the ergonomics and offer additional equipment to improve the working environments.

The design of the working places are done in close cooperation of the customers staff, safety organization and workers representatives.  This process is called WPE (Workplace Evaluation).

General design

The meat business requires strong and durable equipment that can withstand everyday use, cleaning and rough environment. Our design is based on these requirements, also considering the easy maintenance and requirement for low noise are incorporated in the design and tested.

Many solutions are evaluated with users and technical staff from the meat producers. Besides considering the above design requirements, Attec Danmark A/S always constructs equipment that has a good design, which gives it a nice finish touch.

Standard modular design

Over the years, Attec Danmark A/S has developed our machinery and logistic system to fit a modular system. This makes it easy to re-use the supplied conveyors during a rebuilt or extension of the existing installation. The modular design incorporates design and functionality at a price that is the foundation of our quotations.

Conveyor design

Conveyors must be durable and be able to withstand the hard environment they operate in. All our logistic systems are manufactured in stainless steel with food approved belts and components. During the design features as durability, noise, clean ability and easy maintenance are key factors that are being considered.

The design is HACCP approved, provides easy replacement of motors without tools.
CIP solutions, easy cleaning features as belt lifting, washing mode and reduced power consumption are built-in features.