Clip-Ex allows you to automatically remove aluminium clips from sausage products using special gripping pliers. The quick and accurate mechanism guarantees that the product is processed with no loss of sausage meat and prevents aluminium from being left in the product.

The products are fed into the machine manually or fully automatically and are separated by means of a barrier. The sausages are subsequently transferred within the machine at intervals via a circulating conveyor chain with attached product guidance system. The gripping pliers move towards the ends of the fixed products, close and then remove the clips in a twisting action.
Once this process is complete, the product can either be sent on for further processing or simply removed.

From a technical perspective, the Clip-Ex has been designed in such a way that makes it possible to easily link it with other machines – such as the SB Cut, Kett Cut or the automatic feeder – by means of an EtherCAT bus.


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