Since 1987 Attec Danmark A/S has build up a superior competence in primal cutting of pork. It started with the development of the circular knife, which since has been used throughout the world.

The first operational automatic primal cutting line was completed in 1992, and is today in operation at many meat producers all over Europe. The latest version includes a servomotor for all movements, which ensures more accurate measurement and cuts.

Since then Attec Danmark A/S has developed the only machine in the world, that can process the pork middle  fully automatically. The processes includes cutting off the chine, pre-cut of ribs and splitting the middle in loin and belly. This is done by individual cutting of each middle, through servo controlled knives and control systems.

This gives great improvements in yield, labor saving and consistency workflow. All together Attec Danmark A/S can offer the most automatic process line in the world. 

Pork processing

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Pork deboning

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